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Description of the video:

Narrator: Today, we look at how to log into an online course catalog using a social media email address, such as, Gmail.

The email type must be supported by Indiana University.

The catalog software will use the email address as your username.

The catalog will send course related emails to this email address.

After set up, from the catalog homepage, you will log into your social media account, which logs you into the catalog.

Let's get started.

On the homepage of the online course catalog, click log in to begin.

[Sign in button at left in dialogue box labeled, Already have a Student Profile?]

Narrator: Click set up.

[Required data fields: First Name. Last Name. Preferred Name. Email. The Next button is in the lower left corner, under email field.]

Narrator: Fill in fields to create your new catalog profile.

Type your email address in the email field.

For example,

This will be your catalog username.

This will be the email address where the catalog software sends course related emails.

Click next.

On page displays, direct to your social media account, such as, Gmail.

[After clicking Next, a screen opens to say that an email was sent to your address. To validate the account, click on the link in the email. You will be redirected to a login page that supports Indiana University credentials and the following account types: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo. If you do not have Indiana University credentials, click an account type on the login page and login with that account type. The system will create your account and log you in to the software. An example of the certified account types login box: Central Authentication Service. Icons of four certified account types below login button.]

Narrator: Log into your social media account.

[On Google page, click Sign in at upper right corner of screen. The presenter types a user name and password into the boxes. Then, opens Signup Confirmation email in inbox and clicks Verify Setup link at end of email.]

Narrator: Click sign in.

[ Keyboard sounds ] Open the email from an Indiana University campus.

Narrator: The subject is sign up confirmation.

Click the verified sign up hotlink.

Do not type your username at this time.

Instead, click the icon representing your email account.

[In Central Authentication Service dialogue box, under login button: Use a third party account to log in. Facebook. Google. Microsoft. Yahoo.]

Narrator: Click the allow button.

[At the next screen: Indiana University would like to: View your email address. View your basic profile info. By clicking allow, you allow the app and Google to use your information in acceptance with the respective privacy policies. (Click on privacy policies to link to policies.) You can change this and other Account Permissions at any time. (Click on Account Permissions for link to permissions.)]

Narrator: Fill in fields to complete your catalog profile.

Click update profile at the bottom of the page.

[On next screen, update profile information. Last line if information: Check box. Yes, keep me on the mailing list. Update Profile button below this check box.]

Narrator: The profile updated successfully, message displays.

Click home.

[Near upper right of screen: from far right, Your name, Cart, Support, Home. On Lifelong Learning home page. Login at upper right hand corner of screen. (Log in / Sign up). Already have a Student Profile? At right, click button under Sure Do!]

Narrator: You are now logged into the online course catalog with your social media email address.

The next time you want to log into the catalog, use your social media email to log in from the homepage.

Let's take a look.

I will log out, so we can log back in with the email address we set up in this video.

Click log in on the homepage of the online course catalog.

Click log in.

Click the icon representing this social media account that you want to log in with.

[Central Authentication Service. Use a third party account to log in.]

Narrator: Log into your social media account.

[Keyboard sounds]

Narrator: The homepage of the online course catalog displays with your name in the upper right.

You are now logged in.

Okay. That's it.

We set up your social media email address to create a catalog profile and log into the catalog.

We logged out.

Then logged back into the catalog using your email address.

And, remember, use your email address the next time you wish to log into the online course catalog.

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